Greg Goodman

Traveler, Photographer & Storyteller

We live in a magical world, full of kindness, contrast, diversity, beauty and oneness.

Above all else, I believe that if you following your heart and passion, opportunities will present themselves. That’s why I’ve dedicated my life to exploring our beautiful world and sharing the journey.


Across the globe, all people have the same basic needs and responsibilities. They only look different the farther you get from home.

My dream is to unite our global community through photographic storytelling. By presenting images of everyday life around the world, we can begin to deconstruct stereotypes and understand that all people are one.


Goodman family photo albums reveal a precocious young boy with a smile on his face, a neck craned towards cultural landmarks and a 110mm camera dangling from his wrist. Looking back, it’s obvious that travel photography was my destiny … it just took a few decades to realize it.


My first clue came during an extended backpacking adventure across India and Asia in 2008. For nine months, I dedicated myself to documenting each iconic structure, landscape, cityscape or facet of everyday life that I came across.

Upon moving to San Francisco at the trip’s conclusion, I was hired to be the marketing director of a fine art photo printing lab. For a self-taught photographer like me, this provided an amazing opportunity to learn the ins-and-outs photo editing, composition and how to adapt darkroom techniques to the digital age … skills that come in handy any time I find myself embarking on another adventure.

Career Highlights

My photographic work has been featured in galleries, magazines, books, TV shows, airports, Web sites, newspapers, trade shows, office lobbies, private collections and exhibitions around the world.


National Geographic Channel filmed a documentary about my experiences as a photographer and travel blogger.

You can watch it here.


My photography was commissioned by the Sydney Airport and displayed in the International Terminal.


Samsung hired me to present my life’s work at their booth during Photokina – the world’s largest photo trade fair.


  • Adventures of a GoodMan in Seoul (solo show) – Bittarae Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
  • The Beginning of an New Era – Alessandro Berni Gallery, Brooklyn, New York City
  • Spiritual Life of Asia – Wat Sri Suphan, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • APA’s Something Personal – Pier 6, San Francisco, California
  • Imag-i-Nations – Picturish Gallery, Berkeley, California
  • Null & Devoid – Classic Cars West, Oakland, California
  • CPMG Annual Exhibition – Airport Central Plaza, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Tiki – Studio Quercus, Oakland, California
  • 200 Yards – Free Gold Watch, Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco, California
  • Travel Photographers With a Conscious – Studio D, San Francisco, California


My photography has appeared in these publications

  • National Geographic Magazine
  • GQ Style
  • Travel
  • Sports Illustrated Kids (cover)
  • Delta Airlines Sky Magazine
  • The Benicia Herald (cover)
  • Main Street Wire
  • One Life Photography Annual
  • National Parks Service Annual Report
  • East Architects Newspaper
  • Land Rights News
  • ‘Fight Through the Storm’ (album cover)
  • The System Has a Soul (book cover)
  • The Journey


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